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Aconceptionmoon is where a couple goes away on vacation with the aim of conceiving a baby. It seems that getting away and leaving things behind for a weekend or so of relaxation can greatly increase your chances of creating a baby.
In fact, a survey showed 4 out of 10 couples reported their conceptionmoon to be a great success. A conceptionmoon aims at helping the couple relax, strengthen their relationship and make the conception experience a special one.

Planning your getaway

The choice of destination is important. Some agencies or hotels even offer special conceptionmoon packages tailored to create the perfect setting for some powerful babymaking.
You don’t necessarily need to choose somewhere expensive or overly exotic. What you need to consider is what you as a couple term as relaxation. Agreeing on the destination is essential, as the key is for both of you to enjoy the experience.
So it could be the beach, city, mountains or a village. Just make sure the environment you choose is one that you can unwind in and where you can leave everything behind.

Timing is everything

Then it’s time to get out the calendar and pick a date when you're likely to be ovulating. There are several methods that can help you chart this timing to your best advantage, such as the calendar method, the basal body temperature method, or using kits such as ovulation tests to establish your ovulation patterns.

Boost your odds

Of course it’s in your own best interest to make sure that the both of you are in optimal health for baby-making. And there’s no shame in getting all the help you can get.
Many herbs and supplements are available that are aimed at increasing ardour, such as Holistic Way’s Passiona. Building up your passion for each other will increase your chances of conceiving.

Bring on the love

Lastly, the important element in creating a child together is you, the couple. You are the yin and yang. The fork and the spoon. Focus not on the process or the act, but on the chemistry between the both of you.
Take this time to rediscover each other. Relight that romance and take joy in the fact that both of you intend to bring a child together in this world. LW

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