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Standing up, lying down, against the wall, or on the floor.
You already know how to do The Dirty. But with the simplest of gestures, you can elevate sex to a hair-raising, heart-racing, mind-blowing experience.
Here are some tips on getting in touch (literally!) with the erogenous zones that you, I, and every man and woman possess. Find out where to go, what to do there, and how to have your lover begging for more!


    Besides the occasional pedicure, a woman’s toes are often abused. (They suffer those high heels for you!) However, they can still be very sensitive and sometimes ticklish. If her toes are not too ticklish, then lick, massage, and suck her little piggies to tease and tantalise your lover!
    Surprise, surprise – an oft-neglected part of her body, the skin behind her knees can be very sensitive to the touch. Arouse her with this unexpected treat: while admiring her gams, gently stroke, lick, or nibble the backs of her knees.
    They are very sensitive even to light touching, so a gentle caress or a massage might get her juices her flowing. For something more erotic, try kissing and licking her inner thighs before tasting her honey pot. Like all the other erogenous zones, they are packed with nerve endings. Just be sure not to bite as this can cause extreme pain, unless she’s into that sort of thing…
    Women love to have their butts touched and squeezed – an unexpected caress with your hand in public would certainly pique her interest. In the bedroom, try spanking her with your hand, or she may even enjoy penetration by a penis or a plug. Now you have more than one reason to do it doggy-style.
  5. AREOLA.
    That’s the sometimes-bumpy skin surrounding her nipple. Stimulating this area can be a huge turn-on for many women. Gently lick her areola with the tip of your tongue while massaging her breasts. Some women even enjoy getting their nipples squeezed – try pinching the areola between your thumb and forefinger to find out.
    The skin of the lips is thin, putting your lips (or your finger) that much closer to all the nerve endings underneath. Try peppering her mouth with small kisses before going in for the big one, or lick and suck her lips. You are sure to take her breath away!


    Like his toes, the tips of his fingers are packed with nerve endings and are among the most sensitive areas of the body. Touch and play with his hands and then, while he’s watching, lick and suck his index or middle finger. After all, his finger is long and hard, very much resembling his…
  2. NECK.
    Many women love it, so it’s little surprise that many men do too. She can kiss and lick your neck almost anywhere and anytime – in the car, the elevator, in the kitchen. While you’re distracted, her hands are free to do other things…
  3. EARS.
    Whether for fun or foreplay, licking and nibbling his ear lobe is a great idea. Before sending him off to his big meeting at work, whisper to him all the naughty things you’ll do to him when he gets home – your hot breath on his ears will cause goosebumps and his imagination will drive him crazy!
    Many men love being talked dirty to. Don’t be shy – tell him what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you. He’ll be so turned on by your boldness he won’t let you finish your sentence!
    The what? The perineum is the skin between his scrotum and anus. While you give him a hand-job, give that entire length of skin a good lick. Alternatively, while his penis is in your mouth, stroke or massage the perineum for double the pleasure. Either way, you will blow his mind!
  6. BACK.
    Your man probably loves a back massage after a hard day at work, but it can also turn him on. Straddle him while he’s lying on his stomach and run your fingers – or your tongue – from his shoulders down to the base of his spine. Not only will he feel relaxed, he will be in a submissive position, which can be very arousing for both of you!LW

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