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Is your bedroom more functional than fun? Is getting intimate more an obligation than a pleasurable adventure? Would you describe your sex life as stale?
No matter how long you and your lover have been together, there is little excuse for having a boring sex life. In addition to bringing enjoyment to your lives, sex is a bonding experience that is important for the success of any romantic relationship.
If you think you’ve tried everything, read on for a few ideas that may surprise (or stimulate) you.

Let Loose Your Lust

Remember how you couldn’t keep your hands off each other when you started dating? If she still looks stunning in that short skirt, make sure she knows it. While you’re out on a date, caress her butt or kiss her neck when she’s not expecting it.
Maybe your man looks especially hunky in that white shirt he saves for special occasions. No matter where you are, be it in the lift, at the cinema or in a restaurant, a simple stroke of the hand at strategic locations - consider the lower back, his neck, his chest and his butt - lets him know exactly how you feel, no words needed.
Ladies, here is one kinky way to up the teasing stakes: Before leaving for dinner, tell him what you want him to do to you when you get home. He will barely be able to contain himself at the restaurant and the anticipation will build to an explosive climax when you get home - if you make it there!

Change Your Tune

So you’ve done the Missionary, the Doggy and the Cowgirl. Over and over again. Out of ideas?
Now is the time to do something you’ve never done before. Just when you think you know your lover inside and out, you may find that tastes have changed and it could be to your advantage! Experiment with new sexual positions or find inspiration in the Kama Sutra - with more than fifty positions and sex tips, you’re bound to be occupied for a while!
While you’re learning more about your lover, explore other erogenous zones as well. There are concentrated nerve endings behind her knees and her inner thighs; for guys, they’re in his ear lobes, his butt and perineum. Take your time to tickle and tantalise each other and you might just relight the lust of your honeymoon period!

Think Outside the Bedroom

The sofa, the kitchen counter, the living room rug, the bathtub and shower - these are places that have always been there and yet provide exciting possibilities to ignite your sex life. And be spontaneous about it; catch your lover off-guard during a movie, while washing the dishes, in the morning in the shower.
You may find more than you expect with a little imagination. For example, a shower for two can turn into a sensational thrill just with clever placement of a detachable showerhead. The sofa cushions can provide elevation into a favourable position for mind-blowing orgasms.
With some ingenuity, you can turn what would normally be another quiet day or night at home into a wild time!

Fun and Games

These are not your typical board games or “Truth Or Dare” from childhood. We’re talking about sexy dice that have body parts instead of dots, and cards with raunchy instructions rather than numbers. By keeping an open mind and a try-anything-once attitude, you are opening up the doors to satisfaction you have not experienced before!
If it has been a long time since your lady has had an orgasm, consider bringing in a little extra “help”. Sex toys can add a whole new dimension to your love-making. Whether it’s a pair of fuzzy handcuffs or a battery-powered appendage, both ladies and gents will find something exciting to test-drive!
The ones widely available on the market are made to provide pleasurable sensations while generally being safe for use by inexperienced and seasoned lovers alike, even underwater!

Write It In

When you were younger, sex was more spontaneous, but as you grow up your life becomes filled with work commitments and family obligations. At the end of a long day, getting intimate is probably not a priority.
Here’s a suggestion: Set aside one hour a week during which conversation about work, the kids and the in-laws are strictly off-limits. And put your heart into it - shower and shave, spritz on perfume or cologne, and be sweet to one another.
As tempting as that last-minute after-work drink with your boss is, prioritise your personal time with your lover. Before long, you’ll start looking forward to that time alone. If you find yourself fantasising during your lunch hour, you’re on the right track! LW

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