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Hello Nurse

When you were a little kid, you probably played pretend. Maybe you were a pilot or a princess, a secret agent or a chef. It was fun and freeing then – it could be that and more now.

For adults, role-playing is an escape from reality, from your tyrannical boss, your rush-hour commute and the daily demands of life. For a time, you don’t have to be you, and your partner gets transported to a different place without leaving the bedroom.



Baby you are a firework

Is your bedroom more functional than fun? Is getting intimate more an obligation than a pleasurable adventure? Would you describe your sex life as stale?
No matter how long you and your lover have been together, there is little excuse for having a boring sex life. In addition to bringing enjoyment to your lives, sex is a bonding experience that is important for the success of any romantic relationship.



A Special Touch

Standing up, lying down, against the wall, or on the floor.
You already know how to do The Dirty. But with the simplest of gestures, you can elevate sex to a hair-raising, heart-racing, mind-blowing experience.
Here are some tips on getting in touch (literally!) with the erogenous zones that you, I, and every man and woman possess. Find out where to go, what to do there, and how to have your lover begging for more!



Yes, Baby, Yes!

Aconceptionmoon is where a couple goes away on vacation with the aim of conceiving a baby. It seems that getting away and leaving things behind for a weekend or so of relaxation can greatly increase your chances of creating a baby.
In fact, a survey showed 4 out of 10 couples reported their conceptionmoon to be a great success. A conceptionmoon aims at helping the couple relax, strengthen their relationship and make the conception experience a special one.



Sex and the Sizzle

Is your sex life in a slump? If the passion has fizzled in your relationship, it may be time to consider something other than the obvious.


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