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Pregnant is as pregnant does

There’s only two things you need to do to look good while pregnant: eat plenty of nutritious food, and let Nature do her thing.

But after the baby is due, there is nothing stopping you from heaping your plate full of delicious fried drumsticks – after your confinement month, that is.

So will post-delivery finally be the time that you can eat anything you want?

Fry me to the moon … ?

No, it won’t!
Mothers, before you begin choking down all those sinful pleasures, bear in mind that the time to start regaining that slender figure is now - unless you want to end up permanently like a much bigger version of your newborn.

Here are a few basic tips to start you thinking about how to melt away all those baby-making fats - after delivery!

#1 Eat for one!

Have your breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and eat dinner as if you’re a pauper. Don’t forget, you will no longer be eating for two! Although breaking free from the shackles of pregnancy will be liberating, consider that being able to drop two dress sizes is even more liberating.

#2 Don’t save fats for future use.

Try to have more frequent small meals instead of three big meals. This gives adequate time to help your tummy digest food, and varies the amount of nutrition you’ll receive, because I’m betting that not every meal will be rice and meats.

Also, refrain from eating big portions of carbohydrates (such as rice, potatoes, and pasta) at one go, as you are unlikely to burn off all the energy found in them before the next meal.

Remember that whatever you cannot burn will get stored as fats, which’ll go to the fat banks around your thighs
and waist!

#3 Ward off snack attacks!

Most of the time, snacks are not the way to go. During meal times, more often than not, our tummies are already full long before we even notice. This extends to snacking as well. What’s more, with frequent snacking, your body will expect to be fed constantly (just like your little one). Wean yourself off snacks, the way you would lengthen feeding times for your little infant.

#4 Reach for fitness!

There is no need to stop exercising because you can’t get to the gym with your new baby to care for. You can structure an effective and safe post pregnancy exercise program, at home – whenever baby is napping. Here’s how:

You can do twenty minutes of body-weight floor exercises in the morning, put the baby in the stroller and get out for a 30 minute power walk in the afternoon, and then do a twenty minute stretching routine when daddy gets home to relieve you.

And I’m sure he’ll be glad to help you out as much as he can, because guess who benefits the most if you’re a yummy mummy?

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