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Don’t you miss how you and your husband used to spend hours together hands in hand strolling on the beach, watching a sunset or engaging in the long and cant bear to end conversations?

Well, so does he!

Instead of feeling frustrated and thinking of ways to drop subtle hints to him on you have been missing all of that before, you should take first step or some steps to bring that on top of the world feeling back into your lives.

Here, are some little secrets that will bring the spark back into your relationship whether you are married or have kids to take care of.

You will be surprised by how well these work:

Pay attention to get attention

All women want to be given attention no matter how much or how little. But what about ourselves? Do you notice when your husband is looking more radiant on a particular day? Did he style his hair in a different way? Take a little moment out of your work and kids to pay attention to him. It’s not only just his looks. Giving complements and encouragement on his work, achievements and what a great Dad he has been to the kids, will motivate and assure him.

Listen With Care

No matter how tired and stressed out you get from a long day of meetings, answering calls, listening to clients and their bosses, never shut off when you are together. I suggest taking a warm shower, using the time to relax your mind and body. A relaxed mind allows the heart to listen wth care. By listening to him, you will be able to pick up signs of how he is feeling for the day, at work and even hints of him wanting more of your attention.

Laugh! Don’t throw your humor away!

There is nothing more appealing, inviting and attractive to know you can return home after a hard day of work, to someone whom can laugh along and have a good time with you. This is the most important tip everyone should remember and take with them for life.

Have confidence

Being a mother and a wife doesn’t mean you have became another person or less attractive. No matter whether you are short, tall, skinny or heavyset, embrace your very own unique beauty. Men are drawn to women who are confident and self-assured so be one of them.

Find time for each other

It might seem difficult to find time alone for both of you with the endless list of things to be done from working in the day, to cooking dinner for the kids to putting them to bed. Make an effort to talk to each other before going to bed, even if its only 15 mins. If you’re both are up for it, you can do supper after the kids are put to bed, or go out for a car ride with a stroll by the beach thrown into the bargain.

Else, spend time cuddling on the couch to watch television together, browse a magazine that he likes or simply just talking to each other.

Magic Touches

Holding hands when together, a kiss of encouragement when he has done well at work, a comforting tight hug when he is feeling down, or simply a gentle touch on his shoulder when you pass by his seat. These touch are magical and does wonders for any relationship. It shows him that he is always on your mind.

Little Surprises

Slip a little notes saying ”I have fallen in love all over again.....with you.” or “we have a date tonight” into his pants or briefcase. We all need to know how much we are being loved by our partners. Buy him a simple gift or surprise him by giving him time off his household errands or by doing it together with him.

Surprise Pamper

Plan a surprise pampering session for him. Give him a head or back massage (or a combination) with a hot oil massage. It will soothe his aching body and relax his mind. When the massage is done, enjoy an aromatic bath that you prepared beforehand-together.

Give each other space- to breathe and to miss

As much as you enjoy being around each other, if possible arrange some time off each other by taking turns to look after the kids over a weekend. This gives both of you some space to put it all down and relax a little. You’ll learn to appreciate each other better and the roles playing out in each other’s lives. LWB

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