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You may have noticed while growing up that your brother was the athletic one who hated language. Your sister was the linguist. And you were the artist who had a passion for cats.

This is testimony to a simple truth: that every child is born with a given talent, and that is without exception. Your child could be blessed with an ear for music, or an eye for becoming a gifted cartoonist. You may also be looking at the next Shakespeare or Tiger Woods. Whatever your child’s calling may be, you can help him or her realise and nurture talent to its full potential.

“We’re the young ones … ”

In the 1997 book ‘The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling,’ James Hillman wrote that “each individual holds the potential for their unique possibilities inside themselves already, much as a tiny acorn holds the pattern for a mighty oak, invisible within itself.”

James said that the acorn expressed itself early in life and would continue to dominate for the rest of the child’s adulthood, eventually steering the adult home to his true calling, against all odds and obstacles.

For example, in the book, Yehudi Menuhin, the famous violinist, aged three, “heard a violinist play, and immediately asked for a violin for his fourth birthday. Something in the wee Yehudi knew what he needed, and he got it. But. He was given a toy violin made of metal with metal strings. Maestro mortified; tantrum inevitable. ‘’I burst into sobs, threw it on the ground and would have nothing more to do with it.’’”

A powerful book that melds psychology, philosophy and spirituality into one, the book champions children, but even better, dares to champion the children who behave badly, who throw tantrums when they don’t get what their acorn demands for the fullest development of their potential.

If you are a father, you should not give this book a miss. It will change the way you have interpreted your childhood, and prompt you to nurture your child’s talents with patience.

“And the young ones, Shouldn’t be afraid, To live, love”

~ Cliff Richard’s “Young Ones”
Finding your child’s talent at an early age is possible, because humans are best at learning when young. And the best way to find out what your child has a flair for is to observe him while he is at play.

It is important to expose your children to many different cultures- art, sports, drama and others. There are many opportunities around to introduce your kids to new ideas and experiences that will develop all of their talents. The chart below shows some programs that can help you identify your child’s particular talents, differentiated by four categories.

Final words

Allow your child be an individual by not making him participate in the same activities that his siblings are involved in, unless he really shows an interest in it.

Lastly, it is very important not to impose your unfulfilled dreams on your children, for your child is special. Let the acorn lead the way.

Get with the program!

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