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There are many reasons to have a baby. Here’s one: the first mother of 2009 gets a $2009 cheque from Friso and other hampers and goodies to go along with the free baby. You’ll also become relatively famous, and LiveWell Baby will send down a photographer to interview you and splash you and your newborn’s pictures all over the inside of our magazine. Sounds good?

Well, should you somehow be convinced by the above and are now jumping in the air singing “Yes! I want to be a year 2009 mummy”, settle down. You can’t depend on luck alone to make it happen. After all, someone once wrote that “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip.” Good plans can go wrong before they are completed.

Instead, read on as I show you how best to conceive that cherubic baby, with additional advice from Dr Ann Tan, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Pacific Healthcare’s Women &
Fetal Centre.

Nine tips for a 2009 baby

1 Reschedule – Reserve Friday night for passionate lovemaking. Forget about Anthony Bourdain. He’s handsome and addictive to watch, I know. Just switch off the telly and focus on the one man you can have and hold, love and cherish. And we are talking about your husband here.

2 Have mood, make babies – Mood is tricky, just like the economy. But your love life need not ride the waves of your periodic moods. Both of you have to commit to the times set aside for baby-making.

3 Time it right – Overcooked crabs don’t taste good. Timing is crucial. Time your menstrual cycle to take full advantage of a suitable time for conceiving. You will have a higher chance of pregnancy three days before or on the day of ovulation.

4 Eat good food, work it out – Babies are created out of good exercise and nutrition. Besides the obvious physical benefits of both, they can also help improve your hubby’s sperm count and quality. Also, start prenatal supplements such as folic acid (see LiveWell Baby Vol 3) as it can be a few weeks before you realise that you are even pregnant.

5 On choosing a date of birth – ‘You must discuss with your obstetrician as to the desirable birth date, as babies can be born by design fairly safely anytime after term. In other words, 37 weeks of gestation which gives you 3 weeks of time from the expected due date by calculation from the last menstrual period. So its not impossible to choose the date of birth,’ explains Dr Ann.

6 No blanks by IUI – Don’t fire blanks. Many things in life can lower a man’s sperm count, stress, fatigue, nutrition etc. Dr Ann recommends using artificial insemination, otherwise known as Intrauterine Insemination or IUI if you really must have a baby in 2009. IUI is a procedure where a catheter is inserted into cervix and washed sperm is injected into the uterus.

7 No blanks by IVF – Another procedure for solving empty magazines is IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation, a procedure of uniting a sperm and an egg in the lab. The embryo is later inserted into the uterus through the cervix to begin a successful pregnancy.

8 Dysfunctional guns – Guys, Erectile Dysfunction is no joke. So seek out a solution quickly. Pacific Healthcare has specialists on hand to help him deal with these problems. Seek treatment early and your wife will thank you with a baby.

9 Battle-hardened sperm – As a lighthearted gesture, Dr Ann told us this: ‘A healthy couple who is sexually active has an 85% chance of successful conception in a year. So there is no 100% success. Human reproduction is not very efficient hence we need millions of sperms to chase after one solitary egg!’

10 As a bonus, a last tip: husbands, work harder. LWB

Get it done

Babies are often born prematurely these days, so assuming you get preggers tonight, you’re likely going to have a Capricorn baby, born in the month of December 22 to January 29.

But you’ll have to be like Capricorn the goat, to have a Capricon Baby. A Capricon is described as “an unassuming person. Straightforward, goal oriented and practical, their single mindedness sets them apart.” Now, you must agree with us, this has to be the best tip yet.

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