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Bedroom sports fanatics – take note: there’s an amazing number of parallels between motorsports and baby-making.

That’s because in both endeavours, timing, it appears is everything. From coming first, to getting enough practice, to picking the right time to make a pit stop, to the amount of time spent warming up – all these have a direct effect on the chances of you getting pregnant.

So the next time you prepare to make a baby, give some thought to your pre-race prep! Here’s a checklist to help increase your chances of winning a free baby.

Pre-race checklist :

Take the pole position

Be the first to initiate sex! It isn’t too much to ask for you to initiate a romantic evening of passionate love-making, something that your husband is bound to enjoy even if he’s uneasy about having a baby right now.

Take short cuts

The shorter distance the sperm has to travel, the higher the chances of conception. Hence, positions that help your man hit your cervix can go a long way towards getting you pregnant. This includes doggy-style lovemaking as well as other positions that enhance the pleasure your husband gets from full penetration. Go by feel!

Check seating and control positions

The missionary position is also a good position to use when trying to get pregnant. Basically, you should avoid positions in which you are on top of your husband. Gravity might cause sperm to leak out with these positions, which experts say lessen the chances of conceiving as sperm then has to swim against the force of Nature. Gravity on the other hand, will help the sperm in their long-distance swim, leaving them enough stamina to fertilise an egg.

Also, many also recommend placing a pillow under your hips to help tilt your pelvis up.. They also say not to get up right after sex. Instead, try to relax and allow the sperm to stay in you for as long as possible. Of course, it helps if you’re going to sleep afterwards anyway. That’s why Nature gave us post-coital sleepiness.

Check your oil levels

Lubrication can help, but lubrication may contain ingredients that are lethal to your husband’s little swimmers. 75% of trying-to-conceive couples have increased vaginal dryness due to “sex on demand” at ovulation time.

If you are amongst those and have no choice but to use a lubricant, pick one that’s fertility-friendly, pH-balanced and clinically tested for efficacy. Ask your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist for one.

Put the rubber side down

Needless to say, you should ditch the condom and diaphram, and ensure that you’re off the pill, have taken out your IUD, and in the case of your husband, reversed his vasectomy!

Check fuel level
in tank
Before you begin the evening, take time out to feed your appetites for food and other sensual pleasure.

Make early pit stops

Have you ever asked your gynaecologist when the best time to make love with your partner is? They’ll all say the same thing. Do it in the morning.

Making love in the morning is best because the semen has the most sperm during that time of day and you have not yet cleaned up, which means that you have a balanced vaginal pH.

Interestingly, a woman’s basal body temperature is also highest in the mornings when you are most fertile. This is one method of fertility monitoring. Hence, ensure you have the following equipment in your pit:

  • Ovulation test kit
  • Basal thermometer
  • Pregnancy-friendly lubricants

Make lots of practice laps

They always say that all it takes is one sperm to make a woman pregnant, but fertility doctors will tell you that it takes a few million other sperm to help that lone ranger sperm push through that long journey into your uterus.

And it may take several million millions millions of sperm – sex, say experts, about 3 times a week seems to be about minimal for optimal conception potential.

So it looks like you really have to drive your partner to work hard if you want that checkered flag. LWB

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