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To test or not to test?

Male anatomy is distinctly different from women’s – we have sexual reproductive organs that are on the outside, while they have quite a few organs more than us inside their bodies.

But inside, men have something women don’t – a prostate. It’s a walnut sized gland, related to your urinary system, found just below your bladder. The prostate surrounds part of the urethra, the canal that empties the bladder, and it produces a fluid that forms an integral part of your semen.



Do you have it?

They say that charisma is that special X-factor – X for unidentifiable – that separates those with charm from the few with superstar power. And it can’t be learnt.
Psychologists – people who study the human mind – are not so sure. According to the magazine Psychology Today, charisma can be broken down into a list of personal traits that you can practice.
From studying charismatic individuals like Shah Rukh Khan, Andy Lau and Johnny Depp, psychologists have identified personal qualities that make someone charismatic.



It's getting bigger

Did you know that prostate cancer is diagnosed in nearly as many men as breast cancer in women? This number works out to more than 350,000 men annually worldwide. And by age 75, American and European men die of cancer at nearly twice the rate of women.
Many men don’t like to admit it when they fall ill. But taking their health for granted may be hurting them more than they realise. So what are some of the common cancers that men should be alert to?



From Flab to Ab

Everybody at one point has dreamt of getting a perfect set of abs, and most of us have actually tried. We do sit-ups and crunches every morning when we wake up, and every night before we sleep. But no matter how long we do this, we never manage to get the abs sharp enough to grate cheese on.



Masters of Pain

And what pain isn’t. We asked Master of Pain, Dr Bernard Lee to dish the dirt on the most common myths about pain. He said:

Myth: you just have to live with it
Fact: There are many chronic pain conditions that either come about spontaneously or after an innocuous injury. Some of these chronic pain conditions persist because of wrong diagnosis or misguided instruction.



Why snore?

Is your partner’s snoring keeping up at night? Well you’re not alone. A study performed in the United Kingdom has revealed that the average person loses two years of sleep if they have a snoring partner. Women tend to be more subjected to this because snoring affects 40% of all men.


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