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As having that perfect body becomes increasingly important to many in this modern age, laser liposuction is becoming one of the choice aesthetic surgeries performed today.
But lest you think aesthetic surgery is just for lazy people, let it be known that some people can literally work their butts off, but yet not get the definition they are looking for.

Cutting it close

Laser liposuction is not really for severely overweight people, rather it is for people who have specific areas of stubborn fat like love handles, or stubborn fat on the back and stomach.
Laser liposuction uses laser energy to first liquefy fat before it’s removed. This can help remove even more fat than traditional liposuction. The liquefied fat is smoother and easier to remove.
Hence, more fat can be removed which results in more sculpted defined contours.

Why it’s better

The problem with traditional liposuction is that it just removes only the fat. Using the laser liposuction method, the surgeon can remove the fat cells themselves.
This is ideal because everyone is born with a set number of fat cells. Once the fat cells are removed from a particular area of the body, they will never return, thus making it impossible for additional fat to accumulate later.
With traditional liposuction, the fat has a chance of recurring. Thus, traditional liposuction is not as effective on cellulite compared to laser liposuction.

While You Are Awake

Laser liposuction is performed while you are awake with minimal discomfort and a faster recovery time.
Traditional liposuction can take weeks, or even months, of painful healing and limited mobility. With laser liposuction, patients often return to work within 1–2 days. Some types of laser liposuction are so minimally invasive that they are called ‘lunch time lipo’.

Taking the “suction” out of liposuction

One of the latest laser liposuction techniques is known as SmartLipo MPX. Pioneered in Europe, it is amongst the newest laser body sculpting procedures that has even less down time and side effects.
Derived from the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery technology, SmartLipo MPX uses an even higher-powered laser than usual laser lipo, and is a safer, quicker and cost-effective method to get the body you desire.
This procedure uses a hollow, pen-sized instrument called a cannula that is inserted into a minor incision made by your surgeon. From the cannula, a tiny laser beam is fired that liquefies the fat cells and drains them away.
The laser also acts as a visual guide, helping the surgeon make more precise movements. And since the cannula is only about 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm, SmartLipo MPX is a less invasive procedure, reducing the risk of bruising and promoting quicker recovery.
Compared to other forms of liposuction, SmartLipo MPX has less trauma and therefore less downtime. It gives you faster recovery time, while the cost of each procedure remains very competitive.

What can I expect?

A laser liposuction procedure like SmartLipo MPX takes an average of 2–3 hours per session. Most patients typically require only one treatment, but SmartLipo MPX can also be used for ‘touch-ups’ on previously treated areas.
Most patients can see results immediately following the procedure, and can expect their skin to return to normal within three months. However, you must be patient as full results may not be visible for up to a year, depending on the extent of your surgery.
Plus, the more fat you remove, the longer it will take to see maximum results because your body needs to adapt to a more significant shape change.
You may feel a minor stinging sensation and a tugging feeling on your skin during the treatment.
Otherwise, there is very little pain or discomfort involved.

How safe is it?

Laser liposuction is performed under local anesthetic, not general anesthesia that is more risky. Secondly, the procedure is safer than traditional liposuction because there is minimal bleeding and minimal invasion.
Lastly, SmartLipo MPX is an outpatient procedure. There are no extensive stitches or incisions to possibly get infected, and no lengthy hospital stays.

Can I see the light too?

You are a good candidate for laser liposuction if:

  • You’re in good health
  • You exercise regularly
  • You are not excessively overweight and within 11.14 kg of your ideal weight
  • You have realistic expectations about the procedure’s capabilities.

So if despite all the work you’ve been putting you’re not getting the body tone and shape you desire, laser liposuction may be just what the doctor ordered. Are you ready? LW

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