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To Meat or not To Meat

Whether it’s for clear skin, weight loss, or greater energy, people seem to associate vegetarianism with good health. But many people who express an interest in consuming a vegetarian diet don’t do so because they are unsure of how to do it or think it’s too hard to give up meat.



It snot just mucus

If you’ve ever had a terrible cold, you’ll be no stranger to the nasty things that can come out of your nose when your sinuses are inflamed.
Sinuses are air cavities within the facial bones, lined by mucous membranes similar to those in other parts of the airways. Some people suffer from running noses on a regular basis – these poor souls have what is named chronic or recurrent sinusitis, wherein their sinuses are inflamed for weeks on end.



What is glucosamine good for?

Glucosamine supplements are popular today because they can help osteoarthritis patients relieve pain. They work on the principle of stimulating the body’s replenishing of glucosamine stores, which are plentiful between joints to lubricate and cushion movement, but which get eroded due to wear and tear.
This explains why osteoarthritis usually affects people in their 50’s and beyond – the time when most people’s glucosamine stores are worn down to the bone.



Stay In vital shape

The answer is growth hormone. Produced by the pituitary gland, the growth hormone (GH) plays a major role muscle growth, cell reproduction and regeneration, as well as metabolism, the processes that transform fats and sugars into energy for the body.
It’s the vitally important hormone that makes the most difference in the lives of children and adolescents. Growth hormone has profound effects on development of a youngster’s skeleton and muscles.



KISS of Life

Try this! Lick your wrist. Wait patiently for 5 seconds while the saliva dries out, and then take a whiff of it. How does it smell?
If you have done so, you now know how the end of your tongue smells like. Ironic as it is, our nose and mouth, despite their close proximity, are not good breath-o-meters. This is because the nose tends to filter out the smell of one’s own breath as background odors. The result? A stinky breath that’s oblivious to you, but not to others.


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