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All stretched out?

One of the most feared changes to the body during pregnancy, stretch marks are small, depressed streaks in the skin that are concentrated around the areas that store the most fat and do the most stretching.
But while stretch marks are most evident around the rapidly expanding belly, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, they can also be seen in areas where ordinary people get fat, such as around the thighs and also the belly.



Quench your skin

Your skin is exposed to dust, smoke and smog on a daily basis. Having clear, glowing skin requires you to feed on a combination of essential nutrients, which means there is no one magical ingredient that gives you perfect skin.



Humpty Dumpty

Here’s what we think: Humpty Dumpty didn’t have a great fall. The creator of the rhyme, not knowing any better, was probably describing any of these major catastrophic events...



Where's my hair?

Do you wish for shampoo-commercial hair, but your tresses lack the necessary shine and fullness? Thinning hair and hair loss can affect people of all ages. But fear not, there’s a solution to every problem, once you know what you’re up against.



The perfect face


Our body’s most abundant protein, collagen is the strong and fibrous protein that keeps your skin supple. Unfortunately, collagen levels in your body diminish with age, especially when you hit your mid-twenties. As collagen breaks down, you will start to notice fine lines and wrinkles on your face.
Collagen is found in natural sources such as the connective tissues of animals or plants. To keep your skin young and elastic, your body’s collagen levels can be increased through collagen supplements, creams and collagen injections.


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